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Tips: Becoming a police recruit!
By following certain tips and sticking to several rules, you may be noticed by the police force enough to get yourself a trial!

Trials mean everything!
That's right. Remember that if you ever get a basic trial, which is the stun test - prepare well for it! Do not use shortkeys to stun! This shows that you need fast assistance from a program to make an arrest. If you use your own typing skills, you will be much more valued by the police team.

If you receive a full trial which could result in becoming a police officer, then make sure you take it 100% seriously and listen to every word the instructor tells you. Make sure you jot down notes on a piece of paper or in notepad, this will help you to remember the rules in future!

Are arrest times a problem for you?
Not to worry. You have a source of information to learn about arrest times. You can click here to visit our current 'Fabbo Law' page and learn about both the laws and the times you will be arrested for if not followed. 

Maybe the laws aren't easy to remember?
Well, as you should know - to find out the laws ingame, you can type :laws and it will display each and every law. (With thanks to Peter for adding them).

Respect is recommended!
If you respect a cop, they will respect you! So much so that they may even refer you to the commissioner for a basic trial... Being nice and having manners goes a long way, for just a short bit applied.

Hard work is included...
You can say that again! When you become a cop, you will be expected to be online more, show more commitment and prove to everyone that you are good enough to keep. 

Our basic tips of becoming a recruit would be:
A) Never disrespect another cop;
B) Always follow the Fabbo Law;
C) Show that you are an active member of the hotel;
D) Show that regardless of your actions, you are capable of being a crime stopper;
E) Show that you can keep out of trouble by keeping your arrest count low;
F) Prove to the higher ranked officers that, as a citizen, you too can help stop crime.

We would highly recommend you follow the conduct of those tips! Trust me, you will be valued if you do.
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hola me ayudas a unirme a fabbo quisiera jugar este juego no original porfavor gracias bless


well well well am i a cop now r wat??

I love being a cop! I wanna be one, because I help users, I'm also trusted because I transfer credits to users. I am also a trained guy who types fast! My arrest rates are low also! I have memorized the laws, commands, and I knew some criminals who should be the one responsible for everything evil! Thanks!

i'd love to be a cop, i get on very well with most cops and i have been a trouble maker:P but from now on il stay out of trouble and hopefully get myself a trial, if i see someone getting robbed or hit i always call the police, i am a true crime stopper.

It would be great to be a cop, but I'm never invited to trials, I just hear about my friends going and then I'll sit and wait and probably tell them what to do on chat :L

Not long until I get invited, hopefully! :D

I would love nothing more than to be a police officer, not to be popular and liked, but to put justice to rest, and I would be honored to make it my duty to stop that. With me on the police team there will be little to no crime hazards, I don't care if I'm hated, or sworn at I will never stop in the fight of crime even if their my friends. I love to help people who are in trouble even when I was little, so why not stop it , I can be these citizens knight in shining armour. Also, the police team is a great teamwork community which I would like to be apart of, and maybe even make it a better working team. I have not follow the Fabbo Law, but now I have, and it's made me have a better understanding of life, and a better heart. I'm a loyal, responsible, mature 15 year old, who can put 199% into this amazing job!

Thank you,

I would love to become a cop to help stop the crime and be a good citizen of fabbo and become a cop of justice! :)

i love to stop crime and i feel like sense i be on alot i can stop crime at any time and i wanted to be a police hen i was a kid i just want to see what it take

i like to arrest people to make fabborp and it was always my dream to be an police i just want to see if i can be one in real life

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