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Main » 2013 » March » 24 » It's the colours of a rainbow, a rainbow!
It's the colours of a rainbow, a rainbow!

Have you ever noticed one of our most prestigious cops? The commissioner... Well, you should have - but in noticing, you might  have asked yourself a different question every time.

Is that a different colour she has on her hair? Why, yes - yes it is. Now, this is a break from what the site actually supports, which is the law, however - we have to see the humor of it. 

The above picture isn't even a reliable image of Sophie-Rose because tomorrow the hair colour will probably have changed. 

Make sure you stop to say hello to Sophie in game and tell her how fascinating her rainbow, oops - I mean hair, is. 

Anyway! To conclude this fantastic piece of work, thanks for reading. Enjoy your day, and may there be a rainbow of colours over your sky!

Stay classy, San Diego...
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çok sevdim daha yeni açtığım için heycanlığı m

Thanks Dalton, glad to see you checking out the site!

Well written, Josh. I have noticed how Sophie changed her hair colors frequently. I think it's like, every other day, she has a different hair color.

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