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[20 July 2018]: Hi there Guest, welcome to the official Fabbo Law website • This website was created by Josh-Lucas • You can view the current police team by clicking on the 'Police Team' link via the Navigator • Click here to register!
Well, the time has gone by and we have all moved on... We'd like to put in place a huge congratulations to our former Police Commissioner Sophie!

She has been through thick and thin, and without a doubt has steered us in all the right directions as a police team! This is a belated message, but needs to be added to commemorate the good things she has done for us...

Recently Sophie moved on to become the Acting Minister of Business and Culture, replacing Meg until she returns from her exam break. We'd like to wish her well in her future staffing career at Fabbo and again, thank her for everything she has done for us within the police team.

Of course, after Meg returns - Sophie will move onto further adventures and become the new Minister of Housing, allowing all of you Fabbo users to pick up some nice new homes in lovely, luxury locations!

You can visit our 'Police Team' page to see all the upda ... Read more »
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Have you ever noticed one of our most prestigious cops? The commissioner... Well, you should have - but in noticing, you might  have asked yourself a different question every time.

Is that a different colour she has on her hair? Why, yes - yes it is. Now, this is a break from what the site actually supports, which is the law, however - we have to see the humor of it. 

The above picture isn't even a reliable image of Sophie-Rose because tomorrow the hair colour will probably have changed. 

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Many people on Fabbo are confused to think that we have a law. They believe that creating trouble freely without being arrested is a method they can use.

Well, they're wrong! FabboRP has a team of prestigious cops on the job and using their quick-handed tactics, they can bring down criminals faster than you can say salsa.

Remember: The police working on Fabbo are humans too; so make sure to respect them as they respect, serve and protect you. 

The Fabbo Law is instated in the hotel to cut down on weed smokers, slappers, hitters and even murderers! As of 2013, an excellent task force named the 'SO2' was brought to Fabbo decreasing the violence.

The SO2 team currently includes: Commander Luca ... Read more »
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Fabbo Law: A warm welcome...
Welcome to the FabboRP Law page! On this page you have access to the binding law contract we wish for you to follow as civilians and enforce as officers on FabboRP.
To view the current and changing law of FabboRP you are welcome to click on the 'Law' page which can be located on several areas throughout our website. 

This website has been created by Josh-Lucas, SU4 Commander and Police Commissioner on FabboRP - therefore the source of information is completely reliable and following the law 
stated on this page will help you lead a successful and jail-free time on Fabbo. 

Using this website will be very useful to you as it states the current police members hired on Fabbo and the changing methods or tactics the current officers use to maintain a peaceful and coherent community. Please ensure to send your ideas or feedback through the use of the poll we have instated on the site, or simply 
contact Josh-Lucas using the email:

More articles will be available to read from the above!

Kind regards,

Visit FabboRP now by clicking here!

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